A while back, I was really into drawing on cardboard with conte crayons. I loved finding sculptures with tons of details and contrast to sketch out. But, I got impatient with finishing my drawings and needed a faster way to bring my ideas to life.
Drawing was super time-consuming and delicate work. Each piece needed careful handling to avoid any damage, especially when it came to framing them. It was tough figuring out how to protect them without losing the essence of the art.
So, I switched gears and started focusing on photography instead. I was always on the lookout for ways to capture the same vibe with my camera that I did with my drawings.
It all started with Michelangelo's sculpture of Moses from the Sistine Chapel. One day, a model reached out to me for a photoshoot, and his physique was remarkably similar to Moses. We took tons of photos, trying to recreate the vibe of the Sistine Chapel paintings, especially focusing on emulating Moses.
In editing, I worked hard to capture the same mood and background as the original sculpture.

Final Result
This is the drawing I created years ago and attempted to photograph similarly.
Drawing with Conté Crayon
Drawing with Conté Crayon

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