prompting a timeless elegance
From sketches to portraits

Since I can remember, I've been deeply interested in drawing portraits. It all began with simple pencil sketches of objects, portraits and figures around me, gradually evolving into experimenting with shading techniques. By the time, my fascination with portraits grew, driving me to refine my skills.
Motivated by my passion for capturing the essence of people's faces and bringing my imaginative visions to life, I transitioned to photography. Unlike traditional drawing, photography offers a digital and efficient means to achieve results without the constraints of physical space and conventional art materials. I honed my skills by photographing portraits of models, steadily refining my craft.
Setting Up My Home Studio
Eventually, I established my home studio equipped with advanced lighting photography gear. Additionally, I honed my photo editing skills, often revisiting and enhancing images long after they were captured.
My photography goals are rooted in capturing portraits that authentically reflect the beauty of individuals, appealing to a broad audience. I prioritize a classic and realistic approach, avoiding fads and trends. I prefer capturing portraits reminiscent of the early days of photography, reflecting timeless elegance.
Art and Professional Endeavors
While drawing, painting, and photography are enjoyable pastimes, they remain separate from my professional life. Nevertheless, they offer a welcome escape and creative outlet from my daily routine.
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